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As recently published in the latest B&W Magazine, The Brett Weston Archive is pleased to announce a traveling exhibit of Brett Weston photography. Co-organized by Oklahoma City Museum of Art and Stephen Bennett Phillips from the Phillips Collection in Washington DC, this exhibit is scheduled to open in spring 2008, and travel to at least six venues, both domestic and abroad.

Please send all questions, concerns, comments, and other inquiries to:

Scott W. Hale, Director
Brett Weston Archive
1001 West Wilshire, 4th Floor
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73116
T: 405.767.3712
F: 405.767.3718

Current Projects:

The second of a 19 volume series of Brett Weston's Portfolios, White Sands, is now available from Lodima Press, www.lodimapress.com/lp/bweston.asp

The Archive is currently working with the author, John Charles Woods, on the publication of the Brett Weston biography, A Restless Eye.


In support of of their upcoming travelling exhibition, the Phillips Collection in Washington DC, the first modern art museum in America, has been gifted a select collection of Brett Weston photographs. The selection, focusing on abstractions, creates the largest collection of Weston's work in the nation's capital.

The Archive gifted several outstanding institutions this year. The first gift was to the University of California at Santa Cruz Special Collections, consisting of Brett Weston's California and Mexican regional subjects. This gift compliments the University's premier collection of Weston family photographs.

A major, comprehensive collection of Brett Weston prints was donated to the the Museum of Fine Arts Houston, an institution renowned for its world-class photography collection.

This year, the Archive also built upon a previous gift to the Oklahoma City Museum of Art, affording the museum with one of the most significant collections of Brett Weston photographs in the midwest.

Other donations were made to the Freedman Gallery at Albright College, the Fred Jones Jr. Museum of Art at the University of Oklahoma, and the Harding Fine Arts Center in Oklahoma City.

The Archive donated a comprehensive collection of Brett Weston prints to the International Center of Photography (ICP) in New York City, emphasizing vintage NYC prints.

The Archive also donated prints to the Oklahoma City Museum of Art with an emphasis on images from the 1940s.

The Archive donated prints to the Honolulu Academy of the Arts. This collection featured a strong concentration in Hawaiian imagery due to the artist's residence on the islands.

In 2002, the Whitney Museum of American Art in New York City was awarded a print donation to enhance their collection of Brett Weston's work. These prints were among some of the artist's most iconic imagery spanning his 60 year career.

In May of 2001, the Brett Weston Archive made the first of many donations. This comprehensive donation was awarded to the John Paul Getty Museum in Los Angeles, California. The press release for the acquisition read:

LOS ANGELES--The John Paul Getty Museum announced today a major gift of 256 photographs by acclaimed American photographer Brett Weston (1911-1993), son of photographer Edward Weston. The photographs are a gift of Christian Keesee, an art collector and chairman of American Bancorp of Oklahoma. The rare prints date from the 1930s through the 1970s, presenting a major portion of Brett Weston's career. They provide the Museum with a solid foundation of Brett Weston material that compliments its strong existing collection of his father's work.

Keesee, also a collector of 20th century art, founded the Brett Weston Archive in 1997 with the acquisition of the Brett Weston Estate. Mr. Keesee is the chairman of the City Arts Center, Oklahoma City and is a trustee of the Oklahoma City Philharmonic Foundation as well as the Oklahoma City Community Foundation.

Keesee said, "This gift represents our ongoing commitment to see Brett Weston's photographs find broader representation in the finest collections in the United States. The Getty's plans for this acquisition will bring his work to a larger audience and will provide the opportunity for scholarly study and interpretation."

Deborah Gribbon, Getty Museum director and vice president of the Getty Trust, said, "The superb quality of his gift attests to Mr. Keesee's connoisseurship and his commitment to Brett Weston's work. The Museum is extremely grateful for this important donation." While sometimes overshadowed by the work of his celebrated father, Brett Weston claimed his own place in the history of photography. The Los Angeles native began his career as an apprentice to his father in Santa Monica in the 1930s and 1940s, but was largely concerned with portraying the natural landscape. He is credited with leading his father toward the bold, abstract treatment of subjects such as sand dunes, boulders, and plants for which the elder Weston became famous. In a dramatic gesture on his 80th birthday, Brett Weston burned all but a dozen of his own negatives, to confirm his belief that negatives should be printed only by the person who created it.

Weston Naef, the Museum's curator of photographs, said, "These prints of extraordinary quality, when put beside our existing strong Edward Weston holding, show the son to be in every way an heir to his father's talents."

The J. Paul Getty Museum at the Getty Center features European paintings, drawings, illuminated manuscripts, sculpture, decorative arts, and American and European photographs; changing exhibitions and a wide range of programs for visitors of every age to enjoy, including gallery talks, lectures, film screenings, concerts, and family activities, many offered in both English and Spanish.

The Museum is part of the J. Paul Getty Trust, an international cultural and philanthropic institution devoted to the visual arts that also features the Getty Research Institute, the Getty Conservation Institute and the Getty Grant Program. The J. Paul Getty Trust and the Getty Programs are based at the Getty Center in Los Angeles. For more information please visit their web site at: www.getty.edu/museum

Also in 2001, the Archive donated a print to the Friends in Deed Charitable auction. The foundation is a nonprofit organization that offers emotional, spiritual and psychiatric support for individuals with life threatening illnesses.

The third and final donation made this year was to the Center for Creative Photography (CCP) in Tucson, Arizona. This gift consisted of 974 photographs and the remaining 19 boxes of Brett Weston's negatives. Although the artist did not want his material available for others to print, he had promised the negatives to the CCP for preservation before his death in 1993. This donation gives CCP the largest institutional collection of Brett Weston photographs.


Brett Weston: Photographs. Merle Armitage, ed. E. Weyhe, 1956

Brett Weston: Voyage of the Eye. Beaumont Newhall, ed. Aperture Foundation, 1975, First Edition

Brett Weston: Photographs from Five Decades. R. H. Cravens, ed. Aperture Foundation, 1980

Brett Weston: A Personal Selection. Photography West Graphics, 1986

Brett Weston: Master Photographer. Photography West Graphics, 1989

Hawaii: Fifty Photographs by Brett Weston, Photography West Graphics, 1992

Brett Weston: Voyage of the Eye (Revised Edition with Photographs of Hawaii, 1978-1992). Beaumont Newhall, ed. Aperture Foundation, 1975, Second Edition

Dune: Edward and Brett Weston. Wild Horse Island Press, 2003

San Francisco. Lodima Press, 2005

White Sands. Lodima Press, 2006


Brett Weston: Photographer, d. Art Wright
This documentary follows the photographic life of one of the masters in our photographic heritage. The film examines Weston's way of seeing, from the act of discovery in the field to the final print on the gallery wall--an integrated statement in black-and-white on a photographer whose medium is the black-and-white silver image. With narration by photographic historian Beaumont Newhall. Also included:

  • Archival excerpts of interviews with Merle Armitage, Beaumont Newhall, Nancy Newhall, Don Ross, and Brett Weston
  • 892 viewable photographs from the Brett Weston Archive

Available on DVD

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